Aria Boresh Novin Trading Co. was established in 2002 and is one of the oldest and most experienced importer and distributor of industrial saw blades and machinery in IRAN.
We have achieved this success through the hard work of our employees,who have superior knowledge and experience in this industry. Our growth and success can also be attributed to the continued support and cooperation of our customers and suppliers. For this we would like to express our sincere appreciation. more

The friction heat in the cutting gap ae produces
temperatures which bring the material in a soft, almost plastic condition. In order to clear
debris from the tooth gullet a copiuos or heavy flow of coolant (preferably under high pressure)
is essential for efficient cutting . The required cutting speed is Vc=100-140 m/sec.
Depending on the material to be cut the feed reached is Vf=80-2000 mm/min.
The tooth geometry and tooth pitch are determined by the section and quality (analysis)
of the material to be cut and the sawing machine.
Heat treatment of the saw blades of 1200-1250 N/mm (up to 1000 mm diameter) or
hardening of the teeth up to Rockwell C 58 (up to 2500 diameter) gives an increase in
both blade life and in number of cuts between resharpening.

Hot and friction saw blades are used for cutting :
slabs - square billets - plates - tubes - profiles
Hot saw blades are used to cut metals
with a temperature in excess of 850
When sawing metals below a temperature of 250 C, friction saw blades are used.
Both sawing methods are a friction cutting.

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